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    Since you don't have a format i'll just start listing.

    • Your anti-cheat lag-backs players in spawn
    • Players lose hunger in spawn
    • NPC's are displaying "Health 0"
    • One of your crates at spawn does not have a hologram
    • Error message: [RandomPackage]Invalid gkit enchantment name: Joker
    • Error Message:[RandomPackage]Invalid gkit enchantment name: Guards
    • No access to /envoy
    • Rules, You should display rules ingame, but on the last like put like "For more details, click the following link:
    • If you enter the auctionhouse, close out and try going back in you get an error saying you cannot repeat the same command.
    • People can grief /warp shop
    • The king of the hill area has holes in where players will remained trapped unless they use /spawn, you should include an exit for those whom fall in.
    • This isn't to major, but on the scoreboard there's the dots, they do not match up with the words next to them.
    • Don't have access to /server skyblock /server factions /server hub
    • Signs are missing on your GUI portrait thing.
    • Server status is messed up in the Server menu for Skyblock
    • Player checking is messed up in the server menu for Factions
    • Mystery Vault does nothing.
    • Invalid sound: note pling
    • Barriers are cutting off parts of the hub.
    • Players lose hunger in hub
    • Players lose health in hub.
    • Speed boost does not work
    • Speed decrease does not work
    • MOTD says "Welcome to legendaryPVP" not "Welcome to BearCraft"
    • In /help the Island Information part can be cut off by screen due to it being to long.
    • In /help the Server Information part can be cut off by screen due to it being to long.
    • Players do not have access to use the Shop NPC at spawn.
    • Players do not have access to the auction npc at spawn.
    • The command wait limit applys to NPC's, can be very annoying.
    • Bar NPC does nothing.
    • SkyBlock /vote GUI shows LegendaryPvP
    • Skyblock /vote links show invalid command message.
    • Suggestion: With all the spawners you have, you should download a mob stacking plugin.
    • Players get random nausea at spawn.
    • Players lose hunger in spawn
    • Players take fall damage in spawn

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